Specten is an insights-driven CX & product strategy consultancy. We deploy actionable design thinking to launch successful new ventures.

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Shape the future vision for new ventures, products and services


Optimise and innovate on top of an existing customer experience


Research customer lives. Gather insights and jobs to be done. Map opportunities


Scan the horizon. What will the landscape look like in 10+ years?


Coach an organisation on Innovation / Research / Strategic design


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Research & Insights
Discover and map the present problem space


Market research

Jobs to be done

Horizon scanning

User research

Customer profiles

Future trends


Journey mapping

Competitive landscape

Research analysis

Insights report

Capability mapping

Value Proposition Development
Generate and evaluate multiple potential futures in parallel


Value proposition canvas

Co-creation workshops

Market-product fit hypothesis

AI-assisted generation

Concept illustration

Low fidelity prototyping

Value proposition testing

Live tests in the market

Lean startup tests

Desireability testing

Market sizing

Strategic Vision
A sharp, tangible vision to focus on what matters


Strategic vision

North Star scenarios

Future journey mapping

Service blueprint

Priorisation workshops


Product Backlog

MVP Definition

Design brief

KPI Dashboard

Continuous discovery & interation

Team coaching

Brands I’ve worked with


Recent projects

(NDA protected, may be discussed in private)


Radical rethinking of the full, end to end Customer Experience lifecycle

Research & Insights, Strategy, Value proposition development, Future CX Vision (with Fantasy)


Articulating the BP Innovation department future vision for green energy to the Board of directors

Horizon scanning, Workshops, Future scenarios development (with Fantasy)


CX Future vision and differentiation for Uber's equivalent in the Middle East

Research & Insights, Value proposition development, qualitative and quantitative testing, North star vision, Service blueprint (with Fantasy)


Maximising the effectiveness of BP's cross-department collaboration process for digital content production and publishing

Research & Insights, Value proposition development, Service blueprint (with Fantasy)


Conception of a new publishing platform for regulated corporate financial information

Research, Value proposition development, workshops, Future product vision (own client)


CX North star for Dior's product personalisation service in-store and online

Research & Insights, Value Proposition development, Future Service Vision, Design briefing and Backlog (with Publicis.Sapient)


Conception of the Versus startup, a brand new sports coaching platform

Research & Insights, Value proposition development, North Star vision, Design briefing (with Fantasy)


Concept generation of a wide range of future services for SNCF, pre-empting disruption from competition

Desk research, Workshops, Value proposition development, Future Scenarios (with Publicis.Sapient)


Product Strategy for Renault AEX, a voice-operated, AI enabled audio player for drivers

Research & Insights, Value proposition development, North star vision (with Publicis.Sapient)


Own products and ventures.
We talk the talk, and we walk the walk.

Running experiments in the wild to learn what works


About me

Specten is an insights-driven CX & product strategy consultancy founded by Pedro Fernandes in 2023. Based in Paris, it operates remotely with clients all over the World.

Pedro has over 20 years experience working with clients to launch innovative digital products and services. He has a very wide range of skills, and a strong focus on understanding what moves people, both their conscious and latent needs, so he can help you imagine desirable new products or services your clients will want and prefer.

He has a customer-centric approach to Innovation, a deep curiosity and a love for trying new things with people. Over the years he gained a deep understanding of the realities and potential pitfalls around launching new ventures, brands, products or services.

Having worked both in-house and at agencies such as TBWA, Publicis.Sapient or Fantasy he learned how a wide range of industries and companies operate from the inside, the myriad problems they face when launching new ventures, and how to deploy the right set of strategic tools to succeed.

Today Specten operates as a one-person consultancy who may source the right partners to suit a particular situation (tech, design, research, ...).

The future is brimming with potential, get in touch.


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